Digital Scanning

2244_SmartDrive_Web_Digital_Scanning_Button_308_308_dra_v3SatScan® is a revolutionary new technology to capture amazing digital detail at ultra-high resolution. Applying state-of-the-art motion-control technology to a range of vision systems, SatScan® reproduces images at consistently high-resolution, effectively creating a 3,600+ Megapixel digital camera!

At the heart of SatScan® is a unique software platform that allows multiple images to be stitched together to produce large-scale, optically perfect, ultra-high resolution images down to micron-resolution. Free from parallax issues, SatScan® is a perfect solution for capturing detailed images for a huge variety of products, especially when precision, accuracy and optical perfection is paramount. The three SatScan® applications are:

  • Satscan Collections
  • Satscan Art Scan
  • SatScan Microscope

For more information please visit the dedicated SatScan® website