Features and Benefits

The HepcoMotion® PSD80 is a new screw driven linear unit, which is a companion to the popular and cost-effective PDU2 range of belt driven units, and to the larger PSD120 unit. It shares the PDU2’s use of Hepco Herculane® wheels running inside a profile and is actuated by a stainless steel leadscrew with a bearing quality polymer nut. Ballscrew versions are available on request. The closed unit is fully covered with a stainless steel sealing band. Screw leads of 4, 15, 25 & 70mm are available, meaning that carriage speeds from zero up to ~1m/s are possible without the need for additional gearing 10. PSD80 carriages have a substantial 500N load capacity, and are also capable of thrust loads of 300N 9 – 10. The PSD80 beam profile is compatible with the Hepco MCS aluminium frame construction system, and can be assembled into multi-axis systems with Hepco PDU2 and PDU2M units.

Technical Specification

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