For micron accuracy simply add a linear encoder:

linear encoders

Exposed linear encoders operate with no mechanical contact between the scanning head and the scale or scale tape. Incremental linear encoders for limited installation space. Measuring ranges up to 10 m with positional resolution of 1 µm. Large mounting tolerances. Limit switches can easily be fitted. Scale is fastened in adhesive scale tape carrier.

  • Linear encoders up to 10m / 1μm resolution
  • Visit our XYZ tables page to see how linear encoders are integrated into 2, 3 & 4 axis solutions

We also offer a range of Rotary Encoders:

Rotary Encoder 1






SmartDrive encoders offer high performance feedback solutions in a range of package sizes from as small as 40 mm diameter by 30 mm deep. Unlike modular or kit encoders these encoders utilize integral bearing sets, and a wide variety of mounting options including flexible mounting systems which are much more tolerant to axial misalignment or radial shaft run-out, also available are encoders with servo and custom mounting faces. The slotted flex mounts provide up to 30 degrees of rotational adjustment for commutation or index pulse timing. These encoders are available in a range of quadrature pulse outputs in decimal and binary values up to 10000 pulses per revolution, or as electrically commutated outputs up to 12 poles. 

Encoders are sold separately or mounted to motor. Please contact us for more information.

Tamagawa Seiki Co., Ltd.

SmartDrive are proud to be appointed authorised distributors of Tamagawa products for the UK. We stock a wide range of stepper motors and some encoder products. Please be aware Tamagawa manufacture a vast range of products, many of which are custom manufactured for their OEM customers and may not be available for general sale.

If you need replacement / service product please contact us supplying as much information as possible, in particular Tamagawa part numbers which all begin “TS”. We will always enquire with the Japanese factory on your behalf as soon as possible. Please be aware Japan is 8 hours ahead of the UK and may take a few days to respond. Furthermore no stock is held Japan so lead times are typically 10-12 weeks for a single item and shipping is expensive. Our distributorship only extends to UK customers.

Exposed linear encodersOperate with no mechanical contact between scanning head and scale tape