Eurocard Stepper Drives

SmartDrive offers a range of half-stepping and microstepping drives based upon the popular 3Ux160mm Euromodule format. These drives utilise top quality MOSFET technology coupled with high efficiency heat sinking to provide continuous motor winding currents up to 16.5A within a 9HP (1.8″/46mm) module width.

The D and DM ranges all include Comprehensive Dynamic Protection (CDP) which reacts within 5 ┬Ás to protect itself against motor winding faults, including short to winding, short to ground and low inductance. In addition there is protection against irregular motor supply voltage, low logic supply and over temperature conditions. Reliability rated components are combined with thorough production testing of all units under simulated fault conditions and for correct thermal performance. This ensures that each D or DM drive provides a long life of trouble free operation, even during adverse operating conditions.

  • Euromodule or integrated
  • Digital or analogue input
  • 0.5A – 16.5A
  • 400 – 51,200 steps per revolution
  • Intelligent drive options

DM SeriesEurocard microstepping drive family

D SeriesEurocard full/half step drive family