Features and Benefits

Designed to run at 85V dc The TAR-PSU-T300 allows the user to get most from the chosen motor. All Stepper motors lose torque as RPM increases, this loss curve is steeper if low voltage drives and /or supplies are used. By running your system at 85V dc the torque losses are reduced and torque is maintained for longer as RPM increases.

Designed for use with the SmartDrive Taranis integrated stepper drive/ controller, the unit can also be used as a good supply for Standard step and direction drive packages that are 85v compatible.

Technical Specification

  • 300VA Linear Power Supply Unit
  • Designed to be used with one or more Taranis T75P units, depending on total power demand.
  • IEC C14 Inlet with switch and fuse.
  • Input: 110 or 230 Vac ±10%, 50/60 Hz
  • Output 1: 85 Vdc nominal unregulated, 3.5 A max, with regeneration dump circuit.
  • Output 2: 24 Vdc ±5%, 0.8 A max