This SmartDriveOne micro stepping drive is able to supply 4amps at 48V making it ideal for driving NEMA 23 frame bipolar stepper motors. It features high resolution smooth micro stepping and extensive circuit protection this compact unit offers robust performance in the most demanding of applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact micro stepping 4 AMP drive unit
  • Stand alone DIN Rail or cabinet mounting design
  • 200 – 51200 steps per rev – on board switch selectable
  • 0.25 Amps to 4 Amps Peak – on board switch selectable
  • Dynamic circuit protection – prevents circuit damage from wiring issues
  • Over temperature protection  – prevents damage from overheat situations
  • Over current protection – prevents damage from overrated input
  • Up to 250KHz Clock input
  • Ideal for 23 frame bipolar stepper motors

Ideal for use with

Technical Specification

No technical information is available for this product.