In all 4 Amp configurations (SD-ONE484A) the One Drive does not require an external Heatsink.
In most 8 Amp configurations (SD-ONE488A) with low duty cycles the One drive does not require an external Heatsink

8 Amp applications which use full 8Amp current setting and have a high driving duty cycle may require Heatsinking. This could be achieved by mounting the One drive to a good heat conducting surface or alternately DIN rail mounting the One drive and adding the SD-One HSNK to the drive. The Heatsink will then allow any excess heat to be dissipated.

The One drive features over heat protection, automatic shutdown and status indicators – so no harm will occur to the drive if you initially over heat the unit.

Please note under Heatsink conditions it is recommended that the drive is supplied with a good supply of ambient air and warmed air has a free flowing escape route from a control panel etc.

Example Picture: Heatsink attached to the SD-ONE488A

Technical Specification

No technical information is available for this product.