Custom X-Y & Z Tables

A multi-axis system can be built using multiple linear actuators units to provide movement in two , three or more axes. Using SmartDrive motion controllers, profiles can be interpolated to enable complex motion profiles such as circles and spirals using Mint NC and CAD drawings.

The video below illustrates high-speed interpolated motion in excess of 2.5 m/s!

The system comprises two geared and coupled  actuators performing X-motion and a single geared ridged actuator performing Y-motion. All axes are servomotor driven from the bespoke SmartDrive control panel, featuring E-stop safety circuitry. All motion can be programmed via the on-board controller in a high-level programming language or connected to other intelligent devices such as PC or PLC’s via high speed communications and direct I/O.

The SmartDrive Custom design service can take your requirements and turn them into real world working solutions.  Using 2D &3D CAD designs the whole process is mapped out and agreed before any metal is cut making project management smooth with results meeting all agreed expectations.

All XYZ drive and control components can be neatly and professionally housed in an industrial-approved control panel.

Example Systems – select a system for more information, we’ll use these as a basis of your project specification:

example_system_1_150_150 X-Y & Z Tables Examples Systems X-Y & Z Tables Examples Systems demonstration pick and place system

Applications – find out how our customers have used our systems integration capability in a variety of industries:

Soil Test Rig national_gallery_150_150_v2 mouse_rig_150_150 plastic_logic_150_150


Please see our applications page for more example systems.


You can view all of our application case studies on the Applications page.

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